pdmsg utility: displays information about a message in InfoPrint Manager for AIX or InfoPrint Manager for Linux


pdmsg [-d] [-t] MessageNumber


The pdmsg utility displays the text and description of an InfoPrint message at the command line. The pdmsg utility extracts the text and description from the appropriate message catalogs. If you do not specify the -d or -t flag with the utility, InfoPrint displays both the text and the message description.


The pdmsg utility uses these flags:

Displays only the description of a message, which consists of a 7-digit message number, an explanation of the message, the system action, and the response.
Displays only the text of a message, which consists of a 7-digit message number along with the actual words of the message itself. Underlined blanks in the text identify variable fields in the message text (also called message inserts). When InfoPrint actually issues messages, InfoPrint replaces the blanks with the appropriate variable information.
The number of the InfoPrint message you want displayed. Valid message numbers range from 0420-0