pdresubmit command: resubmits jobs


pdresubmit [-H host:port] [-c ObjectClass] [-g] [-i][-r "RequestedAttribute …"] 
[-s StyleName] 
[-x "attribute=value …"] [-X AttributesFileName] 
{LocalJobID … | GlobalJobID … | 
[ServerName:]QueueName … | 
[ServerName:]DestinationName …}

pdresubmit -h


Use the pdresubmit command to resubmit an existing job to a specific logical destination. The logical destination can be in the same server as the logical destination to which the job was first submitted or a different server. You can only resubmit jobs that have the current job state of held, pending, retained, or unknown.

If the logical destination specified is in a different server, the old server resubmits the job with all of its current attributes to the new server. InfoPrint includes any default attributes associated with the old server so that the new job remains as similar a