pdpr command: submits jobs


pdpr [-H host:port] [{-d | -p} DestinationName]
[-f FileName ...]  
[-l] [-n CopyCount] [-N NotificationMethod] 
[-r attribute ...] [-s StyleName] [-t JobName] 
[-x "attribute=value ..."] [-X AttributesFileName] 
[-Z InputFileName] {- | FileName ...}

pdpr -h


Use the pdpr command to submit jobs to destinations. Each job can contain multiple printable documents and, for jobs sent to PSF physical printers, or email destinations, any number of resources.

With InfoPrint Manager for AIX or InfoPrint Manager for Linux, the target destination name defaults to the value of the PDPRINTER environment variable. You can override the default by specifying the name of another destination using the -d or -p flag or the job attribute destination-name-requested.

When the server accepts the job request, InfoPrint assigns a unique global ID (job identifier) a