pdpromote command: advances a job to the top of a queue


pdpromote [-H host:port] [-m "MessageText"] [-x "attribute=value …"] 
[-X AttributesFileName] {LocalJobID | GlobalJobID}

pdpromote -h


Use the pdpromote administrative command to move a pending job before any currently-queued jobs. The job becomes the first job in the queue. If you then promote another job, it becomes the first job in the queue ahead of the job previously promoted.

A move to the beginning of the queue does not necessarily guarantee that the job is the next job to be printed or sent. The jobs currently printing on each of the actual destinations associated with the queue continue printing. The server assigns the promoted job to the first actual destination that:

  • Becomes available
  • Uses the job-priority scheduler
  • Is capable of handling the promoted job

You can change the priority level of a job by setting the job-priority attribute with the pdmod or the pdset command. However, InfoPrint promotes a job regardless of its priority to the top of the queue when you use the pdpromote command.


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