pdq command: queries job status


pdq [-H host:port] [-f "FilterCriteria"] [{-d | -p} DestinationName] [-F] [-g] [-j] 
[-r attribute …] [-s StyleName] [-U] 
[-x "attribute=value …"] [-X AttributesFileName] 
[LocalJobID[.DocNumber] … | GlobalJobID[.DocNumber] …]

pdq -h


Use the pdq command to list the status of some or all jobs submitted to a logical destination or assigned to an actual destination.

With InfoPrint Manager for AIX or InfoPrint Manager for Linux, if you omit both the LocalJobID and the GlobalJobID and do not name a destination, InfoPrint lists all the jobs in the queue associated with the default logical destination, as defined by the PDPRINTER environment variable.

If you do not specify a value for the -r flag or the command attribute requested-attributes, the pdq command defaults to the value brief. By default, you can list the attribute values only for the jobs you submit.