pdmod command: modifies attributes of submitted print jobs


pdmod [-H host:port] [-g] [-m "MessageText"] [-n CopyCount] 
[-r attribute …] [-s StyleName] [-t JobName] 
[-x "attribute=value …"] [-X AttributesFileName] 
{LocalJobID … | GlobalJobID …}

pdmod -h


Use the pdmod command to modify the values of job and document attributes of previously submitted jobs.

You can specify any resettable job and document attributes. See the pd_att_job and pd_att_document man pages for descriptions of all job and document attributes.

You can only modify preprocessing, pending, held, paused, or retained jobs. In general, you cannot modify processing or printing jobs. The only exception is if you modify only job-hold=true, the job will be canceled from the printer and then modified.

Modifying an existing job might affect the scheduling of the job.

The next table lists the four modification operators.