Customizing the xml2afp.cfg file

You can either create a new configuration file or modify the sample that is provided:
  1. Create a new xml2afp configuration file, xml2afp.cfg, which lets you configure the xmp2afp transform.

    To create the file on AIX, copy the sample configuration file, /usr/lpp/xml2afp/samples/xml2afp.cfg to /etc/xml2afp.cfg:

    cp /usr/lpp/xml2afp/samples/xml2afp.cfg /etc/xml2afp.cfg

    Note: If you want to modify the sample configuration file, you still need to copy it.
  2. Edit the file using your preferred editor, such as vi or notepad.
    1. On the FONTLIB keyword, specify the location of the AFP font libraries to be used