Pausing a job that's printing

When you use the use this procedure, InfoPrint Manager stops the job, checks to see if the paused job is indeed the job currently printing, and collects checkpoint information about the job if it is. The job shows on the GUI as Paused. Assuming that the operator does not take actions that invalidate the checkpoint information when the job is resumed, it should restart at the checkpoint boundary. If the checkpoint information is invalidated, the job restarts at page 1 unless the operator changes the page range before resuming the job. Changing the job attributes so that the job would have to be re-ripped before printed is an example of an action that would invalidate the checkpoint information.
  1. Open the InfoPrint Manager Operations GUI or the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI.
  2. Find the job that you want to pause and select it.
  3. Click either Job → Pause → Now or Job → Pause → After current copy.