Changing the server host name and pdserver name

Use this procedure to change the host name of the system that your InfoPrint Manager server runs on.

Changing the server host name

If you change the host name of a server where InfoPrint Manager is running, the system fingerprint is impacted. Any change in the system fingerprint stops InfoPrint Manager pdservers from running. Before changing the host name, make sure that you have a a complete list of your License EIDs so that you are able to generate a new license key once the system fingerprint has stabilized under the new host name.

Note: InfoPrint Manager AIX customers need to open a support ticket through normal channels to request a license recharge to the EIDs because there is viable self-service revoke on these platforms at this time.

To change the server host name, follow these instructions:

  1. Change the host name by following the instructions specific to your AIX Operating System vendor.