Using AFP Upload

AFP Upload consists of a client component PSF Upload TCP/IP DSS (as part of InfoPrint Manager) and an MVS host server component (available as a priced feature of PSF for z/OS).

Note: The z/OS operating system replaced the MVS operating system, but in InfoPrint Manager we continue to refer to the MVS operating system because it is used throughout our program.

The client component is part of the InfoPrint Manager server. The InfoPrint Manager server accepts AFP files (or files it can convert to AFP) and sends them to the MVS server, which places them on the JES spool. The host server program ensures that the attributes passed by the InfoPrint Manager server (such as class, destination, and forms) are recorded with the data sets on the JES spool. For more information on how to pass these values to an MVS system, see Transmitting AFP file attributes to MVS systems.