Managed IPDS Dialog support

The Managed IPDS Dialog (MID) support enables additional sharing capabilities for specific printers. Current sharing of a print device is based on the setting of an inactivity timer. MID support overcomes these current limitations:

  • Release for sharing requires physical intervention to disconnect the print device, and the PSF host must re-acquire the TCP/IP connection to process additional print requests. When the original connection is released, all downloaded resources are generally lost. Furthermore, there is a possibility that another host might acquire the TCP/IP connection and prevent the current host from processing additional print requests.
  • Release of the print device is controlled by a specific time value. This causes the release of the printer even when there are no additional print requests pending.
With MID support, the printer can request that the PSF host release its control of the print device (but not drop the TCP/IP connection), thus allowing the print engine to print non-IPDS data streams when IPDS activity is minimal. MID support also enables the sharing of the print mechanism with other non-IPDS data streams.

This chapter includes the following sections: