Monitoring memory and space on your InfoPrint Manager server

InfoPrint Manager provides a method for monitoring memory use on your InfoPrint Manager server. This support also provides you the opportunity to define and establish recovery options through exit programs or shell scripts that you can customize and add to the system.

The system allocates space for the printing and monitoring tasks required in an InfoPrint environment through different file systems. A file system is a structure of parent directories, subdirectories, and files. A directory is a unique type of file that contains only the information need to access files or other directories. Directories contain files, subdirectories, or a combination of both. The directory containing a subdirectory is the parent directory.

On occasion, you might have to make sure that work files used in printing jobs do not consume too much space on your file systems. For example, PostScript or TIFF job tickets that are ripped for printing might leave work files in the /var/psf file system. Over time, these files can reduce system performance and eventually stop the system. Develop a maintenance strategy with your service representative.