CMR Creation and Installation

Device manufacturers and groups that support AFP color standards create CMRs that you can use in your color printing systems. You can also create CMRs yourself, based on your needs.

The AFP Consortium, the group that defined the AFP Color Management Object Content Architecture (CMOCA), identified a set of color conversion CMRs that are most often used in audit processing mode. The set includes color conversion CMRs for common color spaces, such as:

  • Adobe RGB (1998)
  • sRGB
The standard CMRs are included with AFP Resource Installer, although they are not installed by default. You can install the standard CMRs that you plan to use. In addition, AFP Resource Installer automatically installs all the generic halftone and tone transfer curve CMRs in any resource library you create.

If you need more CMRs, you can create them by using wizards provided in AFP Resource Installer. See the online help for details about the wizard.

If you use AFP Resource Installer to create a CMR, the software automatically installs the CMR in a resource library. You can also use AFP Resource Installer to install CMRs that you get from your printer manufacturer.