Enabling large file support

Follow these instructions if you did not enable large file support previous to the initial installation of InfoPrint Manager and you want to use this function.
  1. Log into the InfoPrint server as root.
  2. Open a terminal window.
  3. Stop all InfoPrint related processes by using this command: /usr/lpp/pd/install/killprocs.sh
  4. Use these steps to enable large file support on the file system:
    1. Verify the current system limits by running the command ulimit -a:
      1. Edit the file /etc/security/limits.conf from the command line.
      2. Change the file size limit or fsize to a size that supports your needs. Setting the file size limit to unlimited sets the file size to unlimited. Or you can run the command ulimit -f unlimited
      3. Save your changes.
    2. Restart the server:
      startsrv <servername>
      where <servername> is the name of your InfoPrint Manager server process (pdserver).