Installing secondary InfoPrint servers

InfoPrint Manager lets you configure multiple AIX systems to work together to meet your printing needs. To install secondary servers, in an InfoPrint environment, you will be using the Network File System (NFS) to enable communication between servers. To make this work correctly, you must use one of these two procedures:

Important: If the primary server is a Linux machine and the secondary servers are AIX, you must run this command on each AIX server:

nfso -p -o nfs_use_reserved_ports=1

Note: If you are using Domain Name Server (DNS) or Network Information Service (NIS) name resolution services, be sure to update these services with all of the new server information before proceeding. DNS and NIS are centralized services used to resolve hostnames into IP addresses. When a new machine is added to the network, these services must be advised of the hostname and IP address of the new system. These services might be used on your LAN. If you are unsure about your network's name resolution services, contact your network administrator.