Try this first

"Out of paper" errors and some paper jams are easy to recover from. Most of the time, you do not have to do anything to InfoPrint Manager to fix them; InfoPrint Manager just waits until the printer is ready to print again. While it is waiting, InfoPrint Manager continues to accept jobs and schedule them to the printer.

If the printer stops printing because of a problem, first try this.

  1. Check the printer.
    • If a lot of pages of the job are ruined and need to be reprinted, stop here. Do not finish this procedure. Use the Fixing more complicated problems procedure below instead.
    • Otherwise, load paper if the bins are empty or clear paper jams as the printer console indicates. Once everything is clear, the printer should reset itself and continue sending jobs. InfoPrint Manager should pick up where it left off.
  2. Find the printer in the InfoPrint Manager GUI. Make sure that its status is ready. If it is not, select the printer and use the GUI to enable it.
  3. If just a few pages of the print job need to be printed again, the easiest thing to do is to resubmit the job and print only those pages through page-select attribute. You can only print part of the job if you are using the PSF DSS and if the job will be transformed to AFP before it is printed.
  4. If just a few sheets of the print job need to be printed again, this can be done by resubmitting the job and reprinting only certain sheet ranges. You can only print sheet ranges of the job if you are using the PSF DSS. The sheet range option does not apply to the ASCII or DPF IPDS datastreams.