Fixing more complicated problems

Use this procedure when the problem is more difficult to fix or if you have to reprint numerous pages of a job.

  1. Open the InfoPrint Manager GUI.
  2. Find the InfoPrint Manager printer (also called an actual destination) that sends jobs to that printer and select it.
  3. Use the GUI to disable the printer.

    The printer won't be able to accept any print jobs until you enable it again.

  4. If the printer stopped printing in the middle of a job, find that job in the GUI and select it.
  5. With the job selected, click Job → Hold.
    Note: If the Hold item does not appear in the Job menu, use Add/Remove Menu Items to add it.
  6. Click OK.

    The job will stop printing, the icon will change to black, and the job will be listed in the job window of the main InfoPrint Manager GUI window.

  7. Decide what you want to do with any other jobs that are in the queue waiting for this printer. Some of the options are:
    • Leave them in the queue, so they print when you enable the printer again. If you can fix the problem quickly, this option is the easiest one. In addition, if your printers are pooled, the other printers will take care of all of the jobs until this one is ready.
    • Move them to a different printer so they can be scheduled to print while you are working on this one.
    • Delete them. You should only consider this option if it is easier to resubmit the jobs than to use other methods to recover them.
  8. Fix the problem at the printer.

    Once the problem is fixed, the printer might start to print again, just to clear the pages that were in the buffer before you disabled it and deleted the job. If any other jobs were in processing state when you disabled the printer, they will print as well.

  9. Go back to the InfoPrint Manager GUI, find the InfoPrint Manager printer again, and select it.
  10. Use the GUI to enable the printer.

    The printer will be available to accept jobs again. If you left jobs in the queue, the printer should start accepting and printing them.