How to Generate and Download the Product License Key

  1. Get the fingerprint for the machine where you are about to install InfoPrint Manager.
  2. Log into the server using the root user.

  3. Run the getfingerprint utility available on the root of the base DVD-ROM of the product on a command shell terminal.

    The output of the command is the server fingerprint needed to generate the license key for your product.

  4. Open the EMS - Entitlement Certificate email and click the link to the Entitlement Management System website
  5. On the website, select Entitlement ID from the Login Using drop-down list.
  6. Find the EID in the email and type or paste it into the EID field.
  7. Click Login.
  8. Review the entitlement information for your EID and then click Activate.
  9. Type or paste the system fingerprint in the Client 1 info field. Make sure to include the asterisk (*) at the beginning of the system fingerprint.
  10. Click Generate. The Entitlement Management System generates license keys and sends them in a file to the email address shown in the Contact field.
  11. If you see an error message that the license could not be generated because checksum validation failed, you entered an incorrect system fingerprint.
  12. Check the email address in the Contact field. If a copy of the email (including the license key file) should be sent to a different email address, click E-mail. Type the email address and click Send.
  13. Optional: If you want to download the license key file to your computer, click Save to File.
  14. Log out from the website.
  15. Retrieve the license key file from the email (or from your computer) and transfer it to the server.
  16. Give the license key file a name that identifies your server.
  17. Store the license key file in a convenient location on your server. You select this file when the installer or LKMA asks for the license key path.

Information about updates to this release of InfoPrint Manager is available on the World Wide Web, where it is updated as necessary. The RICOH InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Base Server DVD-ROM, contains a version of this documentation, but for the most recent information about InfoPrint Manager, go to the RICOH Software Information Center at

  • You must always check that the license key you download matches the current server version and release. For example, if you have installed an older version but a new license code is available for the latest version, the new license code does not apply to the older version already installed.
  • Make sure that you keep a list of EIDs you own and the servers these EIDs correspond.
  • Not all supplied keys actually unlock specific features. Many keys are supply order features that are used for other purposes.
  • Maintenance upgrade licenses purchased after the expiry of the initial one year software maintenance are shipped without any keys to unlock the base version. You must install keys from both EIDs on all systems to extend the Maintenance license.