Installing server software and trial versions of features locally (unattended)

  • Before installing InfoPrint Manager, use install -h to see all available flags supported by the installer.

For greater flexibility, the InfoPrint Manager Installer does not create the file systems for /var/pd, /var/psf, and /var/psf/segments anymore. If a file system is found in the above locations, it will be used as is. Otherwise, a directory is created for each of the above locations. To create a file system for each of the above locations, use the script from the root directory of your installation media.

The InfoPrint Manager Installer installs all the required dependencies (rpm packages) automatically. Make sure that dnf (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) or zypper (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) can access the operating system repository before starting the InfoPrint Manager installation.

To install InfoPrint Manager server software or optional InfoPrint Manager for Linux features on the local Linux server unattended:

  1. Follow steps 1-9 of the installation procedure described in Installing InfoPrint Manager server software and features locally with the Installer.
  2. Enter yes when asked if you want to create an ipin_response file for an unattended installation. Enter the name of the remote system and leave blank for the name of the local system.
  3. Use your Linux editor of choice to edit the ipin_response file. Accept the License Agreement by setting acceptLicense to 1.
  4. Use this command to start the unattended installation:
    /path/to/mount/point/ -a /path/to/ipin_response/file \
    -s /path/to/mount/point
    Change /path/to/mount/point and /path/to/ipin_response/file accordingly.

The InfoPrint Manager installation begins. After the installation is complete, log off and log in again for each logged in user.

For troubleshooting information about the installation process, see the specific /var/log/pd/install/<infoprint manager version>/*.log files.