Installing server software and features from the current Service DVD-ROM

To install the latest service updates for InfoPrint Manager using the InfoPrint installer GUI and the latest Service DVD-ROM, do this:
  1. Log into the Linux system as root.
  2. Insert the InfoPrint Manager Service DVD-ROM into the DVD-ROM drive.
  3. Make sure that no jobs are currently active on this server (any active jobs will be interrupted by the service process).
  4. Open a terminal window.
    If you are using GNOME, you can open a terminal window by clicking on the terminal icon contained on the front panel. The front panel is the task bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. By default, the terminal icon is contained in a menu above the text editor icon that appears on the front panel.
  5. Type this at the command line: mount /dev/cdrom /media/<mount_point>.
At this point, you are ready to begin following the directions provided in Applying service.