A step that is based on this step template rebuilds the page information needed for accurate repositioning when a partial job is reprinted. When all pages of a job are being printed, this step takes no action.

Job property defaults

  • Duplex: Not set

Usage notes

  • If this step is included in a workflow, the CountPages or EnableRepositioning step should also be included in the workflow. The CreatePageRanges step should come after the CountPages or EnableRepositioning step.
  • If this step is included in a workflow, it should be placed before the PrintJobs step.
  • Messages from this step template are issued in the language in which the RICOH ProcessDirector base product is installed.
  • When working with large PDF files, the amount of memory must be properly assigned to RICOH ProcessDirector to function correctly. If the out of memory message is displayed, open the /aiw/aiw1/config/jvmsettings.cfg file and increase the memory amount by changing the value specified. Save the changes and restart RICOH ProcessDirector.