A step that is based on this step template calls a RICOH ProcessDirector Transform to convert a file to PDF.

When a job arrives in this step, the step looks in the spool directory to see if it contains a PDF file:

  • If it does, the step passes the job to the next step.
  • If it does not, the step looks at the value of the Input data stream property and determines whether a RICOH ProcessDirector Transform can convert it to PDF.
    • If it can, the step sends the file to the Transform program, which converts the file and passes the PDF file back to RICOH ProcessDirector.
    • If it cannot, the step puts the job in Error state.
  • This step template does not send jobs to transforms associated with the Advanced Transform feature. Use the TransformWithAdvancedFeature step template with the Advanced Transform Feature.

Job property defaults

  • External command: itm_driver -C ${getControlFileName()}
  • External control file template: /aiw/aiw1/control_files/external_programs/ pdf_transform.cfg
  • External program language: Not set
  • External program code page: Not set
  • Form definition: F1A10111
  • Input data stream: Unknown
  • Valid return codes: 0

Usage notes

When you add a step based on this step template to a workflow, you can also include a step based on the DetectInputDatastream step template in the workflow. However, if you plan to process only one input data stream through that workflow, you can omit the DetectInputDatastream step and set the Input data stream value instead.