Installing your own copy of DB2 on the primary computer

Use your own copy of DB2 on the same computer as RICOH ProcessDirector if:
  • You have other applications that require DB2 on that computer.
  • You already have a DB2 license for the computer that you want to use with RICOH ProcessDirector.
  • You want to manage DB2 outside RICOH ProcessDirector.

You must install DB2 10.5 Fix Pack 5 or later, DB2 11.1 Fix Pack 1 or later, or DB2 11.5.8 or later before you install RICOH ProcessDirector.

When you install RICOH ProcessDirector, the installation program configures the existing version of DB2. It creates a DB2 instance for RICOH ProcessDirector to use. No other application should use this DB2 instance.

To work together, DB2 and RICOH ProcessDirector require several system users and groups. You should never log in as these users, but you might need to recognize them for recordkeeping and security.

Choose one of these three ways to create and specify which users and groups the applications should use:

  • Before you start the installation program, create the users and groups. Then, during the installation process, enter the names of the users and groups that you created. RICOH ProcessDirector finds and uses them.

    See Creating system groups and users for information about required users and groups.

  • During the installation process, enter different names for the users and groups and let RICOH ProcessDirector create them.
  • During the installation process, let RICOH ProcessDirector create the users and groups using the default values.

    The default users and groups are:

    DB2 instance user
    DB2 instance group
    DB2 fenced user
    DB2 fenced group