Starting and stopping the base product when the DB2 server is on a different computer

The RICOH ProcessDirector primary server and its DB2 client must always be able to connect to the DB2 server. If the DB2 server is installed on a different computer and you reboot that computer, you must stop and restart RICOH ProcessDirector.
Stop and restart RICOH ProcessDirector and the DB2 server in this order:
  1. Log in to the Linux system as the RICOH ProcessDirector system user (aiw1 is the default).
  2. Enter this command to stop RICOH ProcessDirector:
  3. Reboot the computer where the DB2 server is installed.
    The DB2 server stops automatically.
  4. Log in to the DB2 server computer as the RICOH ProcessDirector DB2 instance user.
    The default user ID is aiwinst.
  5. Enter this command to start the DB2 server:
    db2 start db manager
  6. On the RICOH ProcessDirector primary computer, log in as the RICOH ProcessDirector system user again and enter this command to restart RICOH ProcessDirector:
If the DB2 server stops unexpectedly, stop RICOH ProcessDirector, then continue with the step after stopping RICOH ProcessDirector, described above.