Automated Verification

The Automated Verification feature lets you add barcodes to the documents in a print job. Cameras or barcode scanners read the barcodes to detect documents that fail to complete a step in their workflow. You choose whether RICOH ProcessDirector automatically reprints any missing documents or an operator specifies an action to take for each missing document.
Note: The feature only detects documents that are missing from a job. It does not detect pages that are missing from documents.

The Automated Verification feature adds an object, a step template, and a reconciliation method to RICOH ProcessDirector.


To use the Automated Verification feature, first install a feature that supports document processing:

  • For PDF files, install the PDF Document Support feature.

  • For AFP files, install the AFP Support feature.


The Automated Verification feature adds the barcode reader object. Barcode readers represent the cameras and barcode scanners in your system that read barcodes on documents in a print job to verify that each document has been processed. Each camera or barcode scanner requires a barcode reader object.

Each barcode reader must have at least one barcode format object. To report the data that the camera or barcode scanner reads, the barcode format must match the configuration of the camera or barcode scanner. The barcode format must include the Job number and a document property that is used to identify each document in a job.

Step template

The Automated Verification feature adds the ReadBarcodeData step template. After one or more barcode readers report results, a step based on the ReadBarcodeData step template checks whether all documents in a job have been detected. You can configure the step to process jobs in these ways:

  • After all the barcodes have been read, the step sends the job to the next step.

  • After all the barcodes have been read, the step waits for an operator to do the Complete barcode step action.

  • The step waits a specified amount of time for the results file to be updated. The step then sends the job to the next step even if some documents have not been detected.

Reconciliation method

Both the PDF Document Support and AFP Support features support manual reconciliation. When a job completes the ReadBarcodeData step and enters the Reconcile step, the operator selects the Reconcile action to start manual reconciliation for the job. Then the operator uses the Reconcile Job dialog in the RICOH ProcessDirector user interface to specify an action for each document in the job. To use manual reconciliation, set the Automatic reconciliation property on the Reconcile step to No.

The Automated Verification feature adds support for automatic reconciliation. When a job enters the Reconcile step, RICOH ProcessDirector automatically reconciles the documents in the job and reprints any documents whose barcodes were not read. Operator action is required in these situations:

  • The documents to be reprinted exceed the percentage allowed for the job in the Maximum documents to reprint % property.
  • Any duplicate barcodes are read in the job.

To use automatic reconciliation, set the Automatic reconciliation property on the Reconcile step to Yes.

Additional information

The Automated Verification feature integrates with barcode readers that return data over an IP address and port using the TCP/IP Sockets protocol. The feature does not support systems such as file-based inserters that exchange data by sending and receiving files across a network. To determine the best camera or barcode scanner for the device you want to monitor, contact a Ricoh support representative.