Preference Management

The Preference Management feature lets you update document property values with values from an external preferences file. These values can be used to change the content of selected documents or to change the processing of those documents.

For example, you can create a preferences file that identifies customers who have chosen eco-friendly options. After you identify the customers, you change their Output type to email so that they can receive their statements via email instead of by postal mail.

The ApplyPreferences step uses a property mapping object to map the values from the preferences file to RICOH ProcessDirector document properties. The property mapping object specifies document properties that identify documents to be updated. The values of those document properties must match values in the preferences file. Then, the object specifies which document properties are updated with values from the preferences file.

This no-charge feature is provided with the base product.


To use the Preference Management feature, first install a feature that supports document processing:

  • For PDF files, install the PDF Document Support feature.

  • For AFP files, install the AFP Support feature.

Step template

Preference Management provides the ApplyPreferences step template. A step based on this step template lets you specify a preferences file used to update one or more job or document property values.


Preference Management provides the Property mapping object. This object lets you map information from the preferences file to document properties in RICOH ProcessDirector, which are then used by steps to generate output files.