Overview of RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager

RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager lets you manage your printing processes on up to 15 printers with a distinct IP or host name, from a single web browser-based user interface. TotalFlow Production Manager is installed as a server and the user interface acts as a client.

TotalFlow Production Manager provides a central location for assigning jobs to printers and managing print jobs. It routes and tracks incoming, processing, and completed jobs and lets you edit job tickets until the last minute. TotalFlow Production Manager lets you change print order, change output printers, and reprint jobs easily.

TotalFlow Prep lets you do make-ready tasks such as editing, imposition, and changing page layout. TotalFlow Prep sends jobs with their job tickets to TotalFlow Production Manager. TotalFlow Prep and TotalFlow Production Manager work seamlessly to create jobs, apply make-ready settings, and send jobs to the best matching printer.

TotalFlow Production Manager also supports job submission by dragging and dropping jobs into hot folders. You can also submit jobs from other systems by using the line printer daemon (LPD) protocol for file transmission.

With networked communication to your printers, you can easily check printer and job status.