Installing service updates locally with the InfoPrint Installer

Once you have completed the steps described in Installing server software and features from the current Service DVD-ROM , you are ready to begin using the InfoPrint Installer.
  1. To install the InfoPrint Manager updates, enter this command: /cdrom/setup. The installer guides you through the installation and configuration processes.
    Because you might be prompted to insert the InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Base Server DVD-ROM, LCD4-5654, after service has been applied, you should keep these discs available.
  2. Select your preferred language when prompted.
  3. The Installer advises users to back up the system, using the guidelines described in Backing up InfoPrint Manager for AIX.
    Click Next to proceed.
  4. Select Apply Service.
    Click Next to proceed.
  5. You are presented with a confirmation summary that service will be applied.
    When you click Install, the service will be applied. This