Using the CUPS ipptool command

If your printer supports IPP, the CUPS ipptool command can be used to find out the supported IPP version and the supported URIs. CUPS ipptool and its specific dependencies can be installed by accessing the AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications official site for downloading packages:

The ipptool program is unique to CUPS and it sends IPP requests to the specified URI and tests or displays the results. A named file that defines one or more requests, including the expected response status, attributes, and values is passed to the tool.

The format for the ipptool command used for interrogating the printer for the IPP attributes follows:

# /usr/linux/bin/ipptool -tv ipp://ip-address:port/printer get-printer-attributes.test
where ip-address is the Internet Protocol address of the printer you want to use and port is the TCP/IP port which that printer uses for IPP. IPP uses TCP with port 631 as its well-known port. You need to identify the printer-uri-supported attribute values in the command output to check if the ipps URI is supported. Verify the ipp-versions-supported attribute values in the command output.