You can use these flags with the ismu utility:

-a | -pdarchive | - -pdarchive
Archives objects.
- -en_archive
Uses English archive files to restore objects.
-h | - -help
Displays the help for the ismu utility.
-m | - -pdmodify_to
Modifies the archive object file in order to support InfoPrint Manager server name change.
-p | - -pdname
Specifies the InfoPrint Manager server name.
- -pdrestore_cfg_file
Restores the configuration files.
-r | - -pdrestore
Restores objects.
-s | - -pdsave_cfg_file
Saves and archives the configuration files.
- -simple_name
Uses simple names instead of OIDs to archive objects.
-t | - -pdtemp
Specifies the ISMU working directory.