Enabling Transport Layer Security encryption for InfoPrint Manager servers for AIX

To enable TLS encryption for InfoPrint Manager servers, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the provided sample configuration file, ipmssl.cfg, from the /usr/lpp/pd/cfg-samples/ssl/server directory to the /var/pddir/default_cell/ssl directory.
  2. If you are using a custom CA, copy the CA certificate file (public part) to the InfoPrint Manager server.
  3. Copy the server certificate and key to the InfoPrint Manager server. Make sure that the certificate key is stored in a secure location and only available for reading to the user that runs the InfoPrint Manager server.
  4. If you have Certificate Revocation List (CRL), copy the CRL file to the InfoPrint Manager server.
  5. Edit the ipmssl.cfg file using a text editor. These keywords must be configured: EnableTLS, CertFile, and KeyFile. If the server certificate key file and the server certificate are combined in one file, only the CertFile keyword must be configured and