Configuring your notification profile for disk-space-low events

It is recommended that you include both the disk-space-low and out-of-disk-space events in your notification profiles. The InfoPrint Manager server sends out-of-disk-space notifications by default, so that when your file system usage reaches 100%, this event is generated. You can modify the server notification profile to add the disk-space-low event. However, the messages from the file system usage monitoring are always logged; regardless of the events in the server notification profile.

To add a disk-space-low event notification, open the Administration GUI and select Server→Properties→Other→Notification Profile and click Add. Add the disk-space-low event to the notification profile. You must also select the notification method to use on the same panel.

InfoPrint Manager monitors these file systems:

  • /var/pddir/default_cell (NAMESPACE) PDNAMESPACE
  • /var/psm