Creating additional servers or starting existing servers

You can create a new server or start an existing server through the InfoPrint SMIT administrator's interface. If you are not familiar with how to start the InfoPrint SMIT administrator's interface, see "Using the InfoPrint Interfaces" in RICOH InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Getting Started.

To create a new server or start an existing server:

  1. From the InfoPrint Printing System panel, click Start/Stop Servers. A new menu displays.
  2. Click Start a Server. The Start a Server dialog window opens.
  3. Enter the name of the InfoPrint server in the * SERVER name field. By default, InfoPrint fills in this field with the name of the AIX system on which you are running the SMIT session.
  4. To use a port number other than the default of 6874 as the communications port for InfoPrint, enter the port number in the PORT number field.