Important issues in interoperating environments

Before you set up an interoperating environment, consider these issues.

  • Software

    All interoperating systems must be at the same InfoPrint Manager software level. Older versions of InfoPrint Manager will not work with newer versions of InfoPrint when interoperating.

  • Backups

    You should always backup your systems before making any major configuration changes. Follow the recommendations found in RICOH InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Getting Started about which file systems should be backed up.

  • How many servers can be interoperated?

    In theory, you can interoperate as many servers as you would like, however, the performance of the servers will depend upon the primary server hardware. For best performance, use the most powerful system that you have available for the primary server.

  • Which system should contain the namespace?

    The namespace does not contain large volumes of data (so it does not have to reside on the system with the most disk space) and it does not move a lot of data across the network. However, because all of the other servers will rely on the namespace server, it must be available and reliable. Put the namespace on the system that has