Color Conversion CMRs

Color conversion (CC) CMRs are used to convert colors to and from the ICC profile connection space (PCS), a device-independent color space. You can use them to prepare images for color or grayscale printing.

Color conversion CMRs are an essential element of any AFP color management system because they are ICC profiles encapsulated in AFP structures. The AFP structures add information that your color management system can use, but it leaves the ICC profile unaltered.

You can use color conversion CMRs to produce consistent colors on different devices. In a color system, they help ensure that the colors on your monitor are as close as possible to those that are printed. If you move the print job to a different printer, the colors are adjusted again to match the new printer.

In a grayscale system, color conversion CMRs map colors to appropriate shades of gray to produce high-quality black and white images.

Passthrough CMRs are color conversion CMRs that indicate that no color processing should be done if the color space of the presentation device is the same as the color space of the CMR. Passthrough CMRs contain no data.