Audit Processing Mode

CMRs with the audit processing mode refer to processing that has already been applied to a resource. In most cases, audit CMRs describe input data and are similar to ICC input profiles.

The audit processing mode is used primarily with color conversion CMRs. In audit processing mode, those CMRs indicate which ICC profile must be applied to convert the data into the profile connection space (PCS).

For example, to take a photograph with a digital camera and then include the photograph in an AFP print job, you can use AFP Resource Installer to:

  1. Create a color conversion CMR by using the ICC profile of your camera.
  2. Install your photograph in a resource library.
  3. Associate the color conversion CMR with the data object, indicating the audit processing mode.

Then, you create a print job that includes the data object. When processing the print job, the system uses the color conversion CMR to convert the colors in the image into the PCS. The colors can then be converted into the color space of the printer that is printing it.