Installing the software on an AIX system

The InfoPrint Notification client is installed on all InfoPrint AIX servers with the InfoPrint Manager for AIX Base Server, LCD4-5654.
Note: If you are using the InfoPrint Manager Notifications client to receive notifications from an InfoPrint Manager AIX server, you must start the client from the system that it is installed on. You cannot telnet into the AIX system where the notification client is installed from another system and try to start the Notification client.

To install the InfoPrint Notification client on an AIX system where you have not installed the InfoPrint server:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest service installed from the Service DVD-ROM.
  2. Log onto AIX as root.
  3. Insert the InfoPrint Manager: Common Clients DVD-ROM, LCD4-5642, into the drive.
  4. If this is the first time you are installing software on this AIX system, create the /cdrom file system.
    1. Start the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT).
      • To start the graphic version of SMIT, enter this command:
        smit cdrfs
      • To start the ASCII version of SMIT, enter this command:
        smitty cdrfs
      The DVD-ROM File Systems panel is displayed.

      SMIT DVD-ROM File Systems panel

                                 CDROM File Systems
      Move cursor to desired item and press Enter.
        Add a CDROM File System
        Change / Show Characteristics of a CDROM File System
        Remove a CDROM File System
      1=Help           F2=Refresh          F3=Cancel            F8=Image
      F9=Shell         F10=Exit            Enter=Do
    2. Select Add a CDROM File System.

      SMIT Add a DVD-ROM File System panel

                                  Add a CDROM File System
      Type or select values in entry fields.
      Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes.
                                                       ^Entry Fields|
      * DEVICE Name                                                     +
      * MOUNT Point                                   ^|
        Mount AUTOMATICALLY at system restart?        no                +
      1=Help            F2=Refresh          F3=Cancel            F4=List
      F5=Reset          F6=Command          F7=Edit              F8=Image
      F9=Shell          F10=Exit            Enter=Do
    3. In the DEVICE name field, enter the identifier of your DVD-ROM drive.
    4. In the MOUNT POINT field, enter /cdrom.
    5. Click OK (AIX and Windows version) or press Enter (ASCII version).
    6. Click Cancel (AIX and Windows version) or press F10 (ASCII version) to exit from SMIT.
  5. To mount the DVD-ROM, enter: mount /cdrom
  6. Enter this command to install the notification client: /cdrom/setup -y -n ServerName -L locale
    is the name of the host where the InfoPrint server you want to communicate with (PDHOST) is running.
    is the locale of the notification client. The default is en_US (U. S. English). The -Llocale flag is optional.