Starting and using InfoPrint Manager Notifications on an InfoPrint AIX system

To launch InfoPrint Manager Notifications, type notificationClient on an AIX command line. The first time you start the program, it needs to connect to the notification server on the machine that your InfoPrint Manager server runs on. If it does not succeed, InfoPrint Manager displays the Notification Client Properties dialog. Check to see if the notification server hostname and port number match the ones that the Notification server is using. If they do not, change them and click OK. If you need further assistance with the dialog, click Help to see the online help.

Important: Your site network administrator should add the name notification as an alias for the InfoPrint Manager Notifications server to the site's Domain Name Service (DNS) server. Once this is done, the default settings in all of the Notification clients should work. If you ever move the Notification server to another host, you only need to update the notification alias on the DNS server for the default settings in all the Notification clients to work.