Troubleshooting printing to the PCL Secondary

This section provides potential answers to problems that can result from using the PCL Secondary through InfoPrint Manager:

How can I troubleshoot printing problems with jobs submitted through the PCL Secondary
To understand problems printing through the PCL Secondary, you must capture the PCL file that the PCL Secondary creates by converting the IPDS information it receives from the Primary Print Process.

You can find the PCL file in the /var/spool/cups directory on your InfoPrint Linux server.

The graphics in my PCL file do not print, and I receive errors with the output.
You might have submitted a file with graphics as either PCL4 or PPDS output. Neither of these data streams support graphics. To make sure that the Sense Type Model (STM) IPDS command created by the PCL Secondary generates the Graphics Command-Set Vector, you should print the output as either PCL5, PCL5c, or PCL6 data.