Setting up the secondary servers

Complete the following procedure on each secondary server:

If InfoPrint Manager is not installed run the InfoPrint Installer from the most recent Service DVD-ROM on each system. When you are presented with the primary server question screen, select No and click Next. You will be asked for the IP address of your primary InfoPrint Manager server. For more information about installing InfoPrint Manager, see Installing InfoPrint Manager.

If InfoPrint Manager is already installed, invoke the InfoPrint Manager Management Interface by starting the startipmmi command from a terminal window or click  Management Interface icon on your desktop or menu:

  • Select Link from Secondary Server to Primary Server.
  • Provide the information about your primary system as prompted.

Or use the command-line script:

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Run the command: cd /usr/lpp/pd/install.
  3. To configure the secondary servers via NFS, you need to link from the Secondary Server to Primary Server using the following command:
    ./ [-o] [-h primary_hostname] [-p]

    • o to indicate that Primary Server does not hold /ipdata shared folder
    • h primary_hostnamespecifies the Secondary Server Host Name
    • p to suppress the mounting of /ipdata