pdmigpp utility: migrates existing AIX printers to InfoPrint Manager for AIX


pdmigpp AIXPrintQueue ServerName DestinationName QueueName


Enter the pdmigpp utility to migrate an existing AIX print queue to an actual destination in InfoPrint.

You can migrate printer devices currently configured for the AIX print system, for PSF for AIX, and for AIX remote queues that send jobs to another AIX processor or to any remote host connected to the network with TCP/IP.

This utility automatically selects the appropriate DSS, which the device-support-system actual destination attribute reflects. If the AIX print queue is a remote queue, InfoPrint selects the BSD DSS. For PSF physical printers, the utility selects the appropriate attachment type, reflected by the attachment-type actual destination attribute. The corresponding InfoPrint actual destination attributes, if they exist, reflect any values for the existing printer device.

After this utility has run successfully, an InfoPrint actual destination that is equivalent to the AIX print queue exists in the specified server.

To run this utility make sure that:

  • You are logged onto the AIX processor that the AIX print queue is in.
  • The InfoPrint server whose name you specify is up and running.
  • If you run InfoPrint Manager as non-root, make sure you allow the write permission to the device file of the existing AIX print queue for non-root user. The device file name of the existing AIX print queue appears in the /etc/qconfig file and it's usually located in /dev/ or /var/spool/lpd/stat/.


The argument value identifies the existing AIX virtual printer that the utility migrates to InfoPrint as an actual destination in the specified server and its associated queue.

Valid argument values for the pdmigpp utility are:

The name of an existing AIX print queue that the utility migrates to InfoPrint.
Specifies the name of the server that will contain the actual destination the utility creates.
The name of the InfoPrint actual destination that the utility creates.
The name of the InfoPrint queue that will provide jobs to the created actual destination.


To migrate the PSF for AIX print queue lpd8 to actual destination PhyPtr3 on server Server2 with an associated queue of queue1, enter:

pdmigpp lpd8 Server2 PhyPtr3 queue1