stop_server utility: shuts down a server in InfoPrint Manager for AIX or InfoPrint Manager for Linux


stop_server [-F] [ServerName]

stop_server -?


Enter the stop_server utility to shut down a server.


The stop_server utility uses these flags:

Forces the server to shut down as soon as possible. If you do not specify this flag, the server shuts down when all currently printing jobs have finished printing.
Displays help for the stop_server utility.


The argument value identifies the specific object to which the utility applies.

The valid argument value for the stop_server utility is:

Specifies the name of the server to shut down. ServerName defaults to the hostname.


  • To shut down a server with the same name as the host as soon as possible, enter:
    stop_server -F
  • To shut down serv1 after all currently printing jobs have finished printing, enter:
    stop_server serv1
  • To shut down the server DeServ, which is running in the locale De_DE, enter:
    export LC_ALL=De_DE
    stop_server DeServ
    export LC_ALL=