start_server utility: starts a server for a Basic InfoPrint Manager Installation in InfoPrint Manager for AIX or InfoPrint Manager for Linux


start_server [-l] locale [-p] port [ServerName]

start_server -?


Enter the start_server utility to create or restart a server configured for a basic InfoPrint Manager installation. A server:

  • Manages the validation, routing, and scheduling of jobs
  • Manages the printing or transmission process
  • Contains logical destinations, queues, and actual destinations

Three possible conditions can exist when you issue this utility:

  • If the server name you specify with the utility (or the default server name) does not exist, InfoPrint Manager creates the server on the processor from which you enter the utility and then starts the new server.
  • If the server name does exist but is not currently running, InfoPrint Manager displays status information and issues a message when it has successfully restarted the server.
  • If the server name does exist and it is currently running, InfoPrint Manager displays a message that shows the server is already operational.

Note: Use start_server instead of startsrv when both these conditions are true:
  • You want to configure the server for a basic InfoPrint Manager installation. start_server always configures a new server for a basic installation, while startsrv defaults to a standard installation.
  • You do not want to be prompted for confirmation if the server does not already exist. start_server never prompts, while startsrv prompts by default.


The start_server utility uses these flags:

-l locale
Lets you specify the locale for InfoPrint Manager messages in a specific language. If you do not specify this flag, the default is your current locale.
-p port
Lets you specify the port number when starting a server in a locale other than the default locale. The port number you assign must not conflict with port numbers in use by other processes. The file /etc/services lists the port numbers reserved by other processes.

If you do not specify this flag, the port defaults to the value of the PD_SOCKET environment variable, if any, then to 6874.

Note: When selecting your own port number, always increment the choice by two because the InfoPrint Manager server uses two numbers: the one you specify and the next one, for example, 6874 and 6875.

Displays help for the start_server utility.


The argument value identifies the specific object to which the utility applies.

The valid argument value for the start_server utility is:

Assigns a name to a new server or specifies the name of the server to restart. ServerName defaults to the hostname.


  • To create a server with the same name as the host and configure it for a basic installation, enter:
  • To restart serv1, enter:
    start_server serv1