Identifies which color rendering dictionary (CRD) can be used by the PostScript RIP and which lookup table (LUT) can be used by the TIFF RIP.

GUI label

Color rendering intent




Resettable, single-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter one of these fixed values:

Fixed Value Explanation
relative When you specify relative, InfoPrint Manager maps in-gamut colors exactly and maps out-of-gamut colors to the closest in-gamut color.
perceptual When you specify perceptual, InfoPrint Manager maps all colors in such a way as to provide subjectively more pleasing hardcopy output.

Input Synonym

You can use the synonym color-rendering-intent-colormetrics.

Default Value

For InfoPrint Color 130 Plus, this default applies: relative.

Usage Guidelines

  • For the vast number of colors possible with 32–bit color, an actual destination can only physically render a subset of the possible range of colors, and this range is referred to as the color gamut for the actual destination. When a color is specified in PostScript or TIFF and is then transformed into AFP, the transform needs to map the colors that fall outside of the color gamut for the actual destination into a color in the gamut, so it can be printed with fidelity. The color rendering intent attribute specifies which Color Rendering Dictionary (CRD) to use for the PostScript mapping and which Lookup Table (LUT) to use for the TIFF mapping.
  • For PostScript, the CRD depends on the value of the color-toner-saver attribute.
  • For TIFF, the LUT depends on the value of the color-profile and color-toner-saver attributes.
  • The color PostScript RIP must be installed to make use of this attribute.
  • If this attribute is specified and a pragma setting for the transform is specified through other-transform-options, the value in other-transform-options takes effect.
  • If color rendering intent is specified inside the PostScript data stream, that value takes effect regardless of any attribute setting.
  • Color rendering intent cannot be specified inside the TIFF/GIF/JPEG data stream.
  • The color-rendering-intent attribute is not the same value as the ColorRenderingIntent in the form definition for color management resources (CMRs).