Identifies the length of time without additional print requests that the device will wait before suspending the IPDS session.

GUI label

MID Release Timer




Resettable, single-valued

Input Synonyms


Allowed Values

You can enter an integer from 1 through 9999. The unit value is seconds.

Default Values


Usage Guidelines

  • If you are using the destination-release-timer attribute to control sharing of the print mechanism, you can turn off the destination-release-timer function because the mid-release-timer attribute can provide the same function without loss of connectivity.
  • If you are only using the destination-release-timer attribute to share the device with other IPDS hosts, do not use the mid-release-timer attribute because other IPDS hosts will not be allowed to connect while the physical connection still exists.
  • To share the device with both another IPDS host and non-IPDS data streams, follow these guidelines to configure the timers so that they do not conflict with each other:
    • Always set mid-release-timer attribute to be lower than the value of the destination-release-timer attribute; otherwise the mid-release-timer attribute will never be activated.
    • Make sure that the difference in timing between the mid-release-timer attribute and the destination-release-timer attribute is adequate, so that the device will return control of the print mechanism before the IPDS connection is released.
      Note: The clocking of the destination-release-timer function will stop if the PSF host receives subsequent print requests.