Preparing to use the InfoPrint Manager Installer

Before mounting your DVD-ROM, make sure that you have this information available to reference as you install InfoPrint Manager for Linux:

  1. Important configuration information such as:
    • Approximate disk space that is available. If you plan to process numerous large print jobs, you might want to consider increasing the size of the allocated disk space during the installation.
    • Features, if any, that you will be installing.
    • If this server is going to be a secondary server, you need the name of the primary server. See Installing secondary InfoPrint servers for more information.
    • How many printers will this configuration support?
    • What are the speeds of the printers that this configuration will support: high, medium, or low?
  2. The invoice shipped with your software or package list
  3. The Entitlement ID, fingerprint, and the license key file received by e-mail or downloaded. The license key file can be generated using the self-service website. For more information about the Entitlement ID and license keys, see How to Generate and Download the Product License Key.
  4. The completed communications worksheet that you received from your Ricoh service representative.
Important: If you have a machine with more than one DVD-ROM units, you must insert the InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Base Server DVD-ROM in the first unit detected by the operating system (/dev/cdrom or /dev/sr0).