Specifies the information for the output or instruction color resource.

GUI label

Output color management resource




Resettable, single-valued, per-document

Allowed Values

You can enter any valid output color resource values, including ICC Profiles, ICC Profile file names, Color Management Resource (CMR) short names, CMR file names, and CMR long names.

Default Value

No default value

Usage Guidelines

  • This attribute is used to support color resource management.
  • Use this attribute together with the color-rendering-intent, destination-model, and resource-context attributes.
  • In normal processing, specify an input-color-management-resources attribute along with an associated output-color-management-resources attribute. If one is specified without the other, there will not be any error and InfoPrint will use the internal default values as the not specified attribute values at the transform level.
  • If you do not specify the input-color-management-resources document/default document attribute and the output-color-management-resource attribute, and you specify the output-color-management-resource-tag document/default document attribute, InfoPrint will ignore the output-color-management-resource-tag attribute.
  • If you specify the output-color-management-resource as an ICC Profile instead of an AFP CMR, InfoPrint will ignore the output-color-management-resource-tag and output-color-management-resource-inline attributes at the transform level.