Specifies the types of images supported on the actual destination when printing a document.

GUI label

Color bits per plane allowed


PSF, Email


Resettable, multi-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter one of these fixed values:

  • 0-bits (monochrome FS10)
  • 1-bit (color FS42)
  • 8-bits (color FS45)

Default Value

For InfoPrint Color 130 Plus, these defaults apply:

  • 0-bits (monochrome FS10)
  • 1-bit (color FS42)
  • 8-bits (color FS45)

For InfoPrint 5000, the default is 8-bits (color FS45).

For all other actual destinations, the default is 0-bits (monochrome FS10).

Usage Guidelines

  • This attribute only applies to TCP/IP and Upload TCP/IP attachment types.
  • Black and white printers or black and white printers with spot-color attachments support 0-bits.
  • For Email DSS, this attribute is only supported for PCL, PDF or PostScript document formats.
  • InfoPrint Color 100 AFP printers support 0-bits and 1-bit
  • InfoPrint Color 130 Plus printers support 0-bits, 1-bit, and 8-bits.
  • InfoPrint 5000 supports 8-bits.