Indicates that LDAP authenticated jobs are held in the actual destination queue until they are released from the printer device configured in a Pull Print or Anyplace Print environment. If the LDAP authenticated jobs are not released from the printer device, they are deleted from the system according to pull-print-job-timeout.

GUI label

Pull Print Printer


AIX, CUPS, Passthrough, PSF Other


Resettable, single-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter one of these fixed values:

Fixed Value Input Synonym
true yes
false no

Default Value


Usage Guidelines

  • The pull-print-printer attribute can only be set if the Pull Print feature is installed.
  • This attribute can be set to true only if the force-printer-setup is set to false, and the logical-destinations-assigned and printer-tcpip-internet-address attributes are set to any values.
  • If you do not want to use SNMP to monitor the printer, set the use-snmp attribute to false.
  • If a printer identified by the printer-tcpip-internet-address attribute does not have the Pull Print or Anyplace Print embedded client installed, no pull print jobs can be scheduled to this actual destination.
  • On a Passthrough actual destination, the device-name attribute must be set to the same printer identified by the printer-tcpip-internet-address actual destination attribute. On an AIX and CUPS actual destination, the printer-command attribute must point to the same printer identified by the printer-tcpip-internet-addres actual destination attribute.
  • The Pull Print Feature does not work if the pull-print-printer actual destination is associated with a logical destination in a pdserver and that pdserver does not have a pull-print-job-timeout server attribute.

For more information, see RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Secure Print: Installing and Configuring.