Identifies the current state of the actual destination.

GUI label





Non-settable, single-valued

Input Synonym

You can use the synonym printer-state.

Allowed Values

InfoPrint sets and updates the value to one of these fixed values:

Fixed Value Explanation
connecting-to-printer The actual destination has received a job and is trying to connect to its printer device. After it connects to the device, the actual destination locks the printer device until it finishes processing the job so that another print system cannot use the device.
Note: This state applies only to AIX actual destinations and PSF other-driver attached actual destinations on InfoPrint Manager for AIX.
idle The actual destination is waiting for a job. An actual destination can be idle even if its output device is printing a job from some other AIX process or from the AIX print-spooling subsystem; or from some other Windows application or the Windows spooler.
needs-attention The actual destination can connect to the output device, but for some reason the output device cannot print.
needs-key-operator This state occurs when there is a serious problem with the output device. Either the actual destination cannot connect to the output device or there is some other problem. For example, a printer device might be out of printer supplies. InfoPrint automatically disables the actual destination when the actual destination enters this state. If the actual destination uses SNMP, InfoPrint automatically re-enables it when the problem is corrected, with one exception, which is the case of the PSF DSS printer backend returning an error. To prevent automatic re-enabling, manually disable the actual destination.
paused The actual destination was paused with the pdpause command or by a job with job-start-wait=true.
printing The actual destination is processing a job.
shutdown The actual destination was shut down with the pdshutdown command.
Note: This state applies only to PSF actual destinations.
timed-out The actual destination received a job, but the actual destination could not connect to the printer device in the time specified by the printer-timeout-period actual destination attribute.
Note: This state applies only to AIX actual destinations and PSF other-driver attached actual destinations.

Default Value

There is no default value.